Avengers: Infinity War Story and Writing Analysis from Siren Stories: The Podcast

Jonathan McKinney and JJ Barnes discuss the latest Avengers film, Infinity War. They analyse it for story content and writing, discuss whether Thanos is the protagonist of the film, analyse the structure, and get momentarily interrupted by Alexa.

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Gilmore Girls – Episode 07 – Kiss And Tell – Where You Lead

In this weeks episode JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney talk about Rory and Lorelai’s relationship changing after Rory decides to hide the fact Dean kissed her from her mother.  They analyse the episode scene by scene for writing, characterisation and story content.  They debate whether Dean’s attitude towards both Rory and Lorelai is appropriate, and whether JJ is justified in her hatred of the character!

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Gilmore Girls – Episode 06 – Rory’s Birthday Parties – Where You Lead

In this week’s episode JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney discuss Season 1 episode 6: Rory’s Birthday Parties. They analyse it scene by scene for the writing, characterisation and story content as well as their thoughts on it from a fan’s perspective.  JJ wonders why Lorelai would think Rory would like a pink plastic guitar handbag, Jonathan expresses his extreme distaste at Tristan’s attitudes towards Lorelai, and they compare the parenting styles of Emily and Lorelai, and the impact that’s had on Rory.

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Gilmore Girls – Episode 05 – Cinnamon’s Wake

JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney discuss episode 5 of Gilmore Girls Season 1 in the latest episode of Where You Lead. They do a scene by scene breakdown and discuss the writing, story and characterisation. They also explain the month long break between episodes due to assorted illnesses! Please leave a review on iTunes for this podcast and you’ll be entered in to a competition to win autographed copies of books by Jonathan and JJ. Chat on social media and let them know what you think.





Gilmore Girls – Episode 04 – The Deer Hunters

Jonathan McKinney and JJ Barnes discuss the fourth episode of Gilmore Girls Season 1, The Deer Hunters.

They talk about the plot, the writing choices and the characters during a scene by scene analysis.

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Gilmore Girls – Episode 03 – Kill Me Now

Jonathan McKinney and JJ Barnes discuss the third episode of Gilmore Girls Season 1, Kill Me Now. They do a scene by scene break down discussing characterisation and writing, talk about the maternal relationships between the characters, and JJ engages in one of her favourite past times; ranting about Jackson Belleville.

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Film Reviews – Wonder Woman

JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney discuss 2017’s Summer blockbuster film Wonder Woman. They talk about the writers and directors, then discuss the film as a whole with focus on individual scenes and performances, and how they work together to tell the story.

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