Where You Lead – Episode 03 – Kill Me Now

Jonathan McKinney and JJ Barnes discuss the third episode of Gilmore Girls Season 1, Kill Me Now. They do a scene by scene break down discussing characterisation and writing, talk about the maternal relationships between the characters, and JJ engages in one of her favourite past times; ranting about Jackson Belleville.

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Where You Lead – Episode 02 – The Lorelai’s First Day Of Chilton

J.J. Barnes and Jonathan McKinney discuss the second episode of Gilmore Girls, The Lorelai’s First Day Of Chilton. They talk about key plot points, do a scene by scene analysis, and argue about whether Lorelai really would have had no clothes at all to wear to Rory’s first day at Chilton. #laundrygate

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Film Reviews – Wonder Woman

JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney discuss 2017’s Summer blockbuster film Wonder Woman. They talk about the writers and directors, then discuss the film as a whole with focus on individual scenes and performances, and how they work together to tell the story.

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Where You Lead – Episode 00 – Introduction

Jonathan McKinney and J.J. Barnes introduce themselves and the new series of podcasts entitled Where You Lead. They will be doing a weekly episode by episode discussion on my much loved TV show Gilmore Girls.